Who we are

We are an association of volunteers who sincerely love animals. In our spare time, we save, treat, device and do everything to find families for stray animals!

«To understand if an animal has a soul, you need to have a soul yourself!» (Leo Tolstoy)

A little about us

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Animal shelter is not an option. We want every animal to have a home and a family.

How we help animals

We don't have an animal shelter, we can't help everyone. Our wards are at home, as well as in private shelters. We provide them with financial support, life, nutrition and care.

1. We take it from the street

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We vaccinate and treat against parasites. If necessary, we turn to the services of the groomer.

2. Cleanse from parasites

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We provide medical care. We finance the purchase of medicines and payment for the services of veterinary clinics.

3. We provide their treatment

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Advertising is carried out on Facebook, Instagram and OLX. This is necessary to show the ward to a wider audience.

4. We make advertising to animals

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We teach you to walk in the yard, and to the leash. If you need to resort to the services of a dog handler or a psychologist.

5. We socialize animals

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We carry out a thorough selection of those who want to take in the family. We take it to a new house. We provide support during the period of advocacy.

6. We give them families

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In this section, our wards that have already found their family!

In this section, the happy stories of our wards

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