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Julie at home

We've been waiting for this for more than two years. Kind, loving, positive Julie has been under our care almost since birth.

Julie's mother and her puppies were taken from the woods in October 2017. Eventually everyone went home, and Julie didn't.

We really didn't know what was going on. Children love, cats, dogs too, from people crazy, solid love and positive.

But Julie stubbornly did not want to go home.

We were worried, tried to give care and attention, and Julie dutifully waited for her man…

Two months ago, Victoria called. We had a very sincere conversation, we burst into tears together, remembering the stories of their beloved dogs. But the quarantine began and it was difficult to predict a trip to another city.

Time has passed and Victoria has not forgotten about Julie, came to Kiev by herself.

A week of Julenka at home. Got along with all the household, behaves well and the soul rejoices.

I didn't wait for nothing. A very good family, sincerely loving animals.

Well, we didn't give up in two years and didn't agree to give Julie a chain.

Thank you very much Victoria, my husband for the decision to take Julenka.

We love her very much and easily let her go into a new home life. Take care of her. Let everything turn out well! 🙏


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