November 2019

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Report November 2019

Thank you very much everyone for the reposts, comments, financial support of the tails! ❤🐕

✅ In November:

✔ warmed with hay for the winter

✔ took into custody a shepherd named Mukhtar after an accident. operated

✔ found Mukhtar's overdosing. We continue treatment

✔ transported Chornukhy to a dog handler. We really hope Danuta Hyde will cope.

✔ opened a page, a site for PR animals from all over Ukraine

Unfortunately, November did not please the devices of the tails in the family. Well, we will wait for good moms and dads, and while we wait for pay: advertising, feed, treatment and overstaying. Thanks to everyone who helps ❤

✔Finance report November:

Proceeds: 15 759,51 UAH

Costs: 20 137,53 UAH

✔Report October:

✔Report September:

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