Happy post. Norochka at home, she now lives very close to London

History Nora brings us to tears of happiness. 🐕

Those who have been with us for a long time know how difficult Norochka's fate is and how difficult it was to work with such a ward.

Nora is a gunshot dog.
Since April 2019, the paw has been saved from gangrene.

For almost 2 months, Norochka was in the Red Fox hospital. Thank veterinarian Victoria Feshchenko and Yulechka for their care.

Since the summer, we have tried to socialize Norochka. Imagine a dog that was shot. Will she believe people? Of course not.

The hole from the leash went crazy, and at the sight of strangers she wrote out of fear. Sometimes we fell into despair.….and our car more than once needed dry cleaning ;)))

For the socialization of Nora took the dog handler Danuta Gayda. It wasn't easy. Norochka lived with Dana and changed before our eyes every day.💪👍

Despite all the difficulties and great distance, Norochka sunk into the soul of Natalia from England. We prepared for a long time, worried and still decided ;)))

When Norochka moved, we just couldn't believe our eyes. Look at the video ;))))))

Is it Nora? Our little girl immediately trusted the new family. Thank you Natasha for your huge heart! Nora also has a friend Billy and they love to run, frolic 🐕

Looking back, once again we are convinced of love and kindness can work miracles!

A huge human thank you to everyone who experienced and was with us 🐕 Your support is very important.

Financial report at the link:

Nora still has a mother- Chernushka with oncology in remission. Also shot and requiring socialization. We will try to give a chance to the mother and finally close the story with the rescue of Chernushka and all her children.

Photo of Chernushka's mother on ssylke:


video foto




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