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Project «THE LESSER BROTHERS» cannot exist without regular financial assistance!

Support us please!

While we are looking for a HOME for our wards, they need food, treatment, advertising, they are waiting for their families on the overspending that need to be paid. Unfortunately, without money it is impossible to help unfortunate animals. You want to save — be ready to pay all bills. Tough, but it's true.

We are uncomfortable complaining and asking, but bills need to be paid every day. Food, diapers, vaccines, clinics, overpoptics, paid advertising, dog handler savages …. We also help many informationally, in advertising their tails. You can see everyone on this site.

Animals in treatment who need help:

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Who we are:

Small Brothers — this is a team of volunteers from Kiev who love animals. We have saved not a single dozen tails and do it in our spare time.

How we help animals:

What we do instead of dinner with the family before TV:

  • treat animals
  • write posts about finding a family
  • advertise tails in in Facebook, Instagram, OLX
  • vaccinated, sterilized, treated
  • we take photos, make videos
  • we take tails from dangerous places in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine
  • we bring for overurance,
  • we pay for classes with a dog handler
  • we pay for the complete maintenance of animals on oversurance in different areas of Kiev until they are equipped.

We have almost no free time until late at night, so this is usually our choice.
We exist at the expense of family savings, and the help of caring people, for which Everyone is very grateful!

You know that the State does not help in this matter and there are no patrons either. Therefore, everything is on bare enthusiasm and love for animals.

We have summed up the costs and concluded that without regular assistance we will not be able to help, and our financial capabilities will soon run out.

We will be forced to refuse to help everyone! What to say here, to bring to mind those who are already difficult. At the same time, every day we are called, people write with requests and requirements to cure, pick up, and equip from all cities of Ukraine. Offended when they receive a refusal …! Unfortunately people do not think at whose expense will help … and are not ready to personally participate in the fate of animals either finances or at times.: ((


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Happy stories:

We also want to share with you our happy stories. These are real examples from the lives of those who managed to save.

Спасибо каналу 1+1 и программе "Сниданок 1+1", ...
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Photos - Videos

some of our wards, before and after the rescue:

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