Accommodation of animals on our Facebook page is free of charge. You want to significantly expand the audience of the show of your wards, then you need advertising.

If you want to know what is needed, put pressure on the «HOW IT WORKS»

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The rules for posting on our resources are as follows:

  1. Subscribe to the stream «Smaller brothers»
  2. Submission of text and photos only through the chat channel: TELEGRAM, repeat after 2 weeks
  3. What information should be in the content of the text necessarily:
  • CITY of your ward location
  • Your ward's name
  • AGE
  • HEALTH: (availability of vaccinations)
  • HISTORY (history of your meeting, or the life of the animal)
  • CURATOR (phone and link to account)

3. We place at least 4 quality PHOTOor ONE VIDEO. It is impossible to place photos and videos at the same time! Facebook does not allow this on the page.

4. We do not post financial posts. exception — joint custody of the ward's device in the family

5. After the device of your ward be sure to inform. Send happy post!

If you forget, we'll be very upset. Appreciate our time and finances.

6. Advertising on Instagram, Facebook

We can set up targeted advertising for your wards.

30% from the amount leave TO THE RESCUE, and ensuring our wards.

For the result — advertising report.

7. We are ready to share experience, templates of animal transfer agreements, methods of selection of PX, if necessary.

Thank you for your hard work!

We also have our wards. They are on paid overstays and need financial assistance. We will be grateful for the support provided to our project during this difficult period of the Coronavirus pandemic … Take care of yourself!

Bank Sitemap Brothers Smaller Privat Bank
Timonin Vitaly Nikolaevich

If you think that, we do a great job, then you can also make a monthly payment.


Our Telegram channel

To place a pet on our resources you need submit an application (with a photo and description of the pet) through this Telegram channel! Press on the button or scan QR the code.

Interesting offer!


Raise your ward to the top on our page

You wish that your ward, which we once posted on the page of the Menshi Brothers, will see most of our followers again. We'll pick up your old post again. And your ward will be seen by as many people as possible.

How to do it

  1. Find your old post on Facebook page Small Brothers. Send to chat Telegram link to this post (with the inscription «Raising the animal»), which was once placed on the page Small Brothers
  2. Transfer the sum of 50 hryvnias to the card details below. It is necessary to specify in the purpose of payment the phrase: «Raising, and the name of the animal»

Bank Sitemap Brothers Smaller Privat Bank
Timonin Vitaly Nikolaevich


Placing wards with us on the resources that you get for FREE:

Facebook stats:




New subscribers per month




Interaction with publications




Page coverage

Insta stats:



Order advertising with our help

If you want to increase the number of views of your wards you need to advertise. Advertising means promoting a previously posted post with your mentee on our page. You pay for new interactions on Facebook and Instagram. Payment is made directly to these social institutions. We only configure it. This method allows you to increase the possibility of viewing ads several times, which means that it increases the chances of your ward to be adjusted.

answer: Someone is more lucky and a dog or cat quickly finds a family with minimal investment. And someone has been waiting for years. But we know for sure that increasing the ability to view more people through advertising definitely increases the chances of finding a family for your ward.

The amount for advertising depends only on your desire and financial capabilities …

  1. We make advertising in the amount of 1000 UAH. 30% of this amount we leave in support of our wards. The amount poured 700 UAH. / on the course of dollar we make advertising.
  2. Send material with an animal to TELEGRAM channel with a note «I want advertising».
  3. Send at least 1000 UAH to
    Bank Card page Of Brothers Smaller Privat Bank
    Timonin Vitaly Nikolaevich
  4. Take a screenshot of this payment, where the name of the animal will be visible
  5. Post this screenshot in the chat.
  6. After posting the post on our page, a message with a link to the post will be posted in the chat.
  7. Be sure to indicate in the purpose of payment: «for advertising … the name of the animal …»
  • We create advertising of your ward taking into account your wishes (audience, targeting, etc.)
  • We place ads on Facebook, Instagram
  • 30% of the amount we leave to help our wards
  • If you want we can place on this site

Placing an animal with advertising increases the chances of finding a family by more than 50%

Example of posted posts with advertising and without advertising

Screenshot 1

Advertising was made here

In the photo you can see that this post, to which the advertisement was made. It has more reach, more interactions, more likes and comments.

Screenshot 2

There was no advertising

And in this photo, you will see that this post has fewer interactions.

Dear volunteers!
We still have animals on curatorship, work and family. Our participation in the project is free of charge, after working hours (the main work is not related to animals). The pace of placement will still be small. Are you ready to start with the publication of no more than 3 animals per day on our resources.

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