the Rose


Kiev !!! Rose in search of a family

Last winter at a spontaneous landfill in a terrible frost we found a puppy.

Beautiful, white girl with blue specks on the tongue, but absolutely wild … She was fed for a month, but when people approached, she ran away.

Probably something terrible happened to her during her small period of life, that she so zealously avoided people.

We called her Wild Rose. Remember in the 90s was such a soap opera? We hoped that, like the heroine of the film, our Rose would blossom and become frosty.

Having lost any hope, to tame her on the street, we took her to the clinic. There was a long treatment: rickets, lichen, demodicosis …

Rose lived for six months in overstaying and during this time never learned to believe people. Therefore, for a month she has been undergoing a course of training and socialization with a dog handler.

This month showed how unusually clever and clever she is. Every day she learns to live in a new way.

Rose is healthy, vaccinated and sterile. Accustomed to leash and walking. At home, it's not shit.

Age 9 months.

Come get to know each other.
Kiev. Obolon.

Curator: Alexandra Nasonkina
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