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Happy Post. Vesta is at home!

Remember the button in the village on a leash? 6 kg dog from hunger strangled the chicken.

The hostess threatened to shoot her and we were urgently looking for options where to attach her.

Then her son, Bonechka, was taken from the same family with enteritis. Thank God the kid survived and is now in search of a family!

The fate of Vesta's mom was good!

Galya Glotova sheltered Vestochka for overexposure. We started PR, looking for moms and dads.

One morning Tick at the family council decided, Vesta is our dog and we will not give it to anyone!

That's how a small button from the booth and dirt ended up in a homely, warm environment!

Vesta is in good hands!

Thank you Tick for saving your life!
We hope son Bonechka will also be lucky very soon.

Mom's Story:

The story of Boni's son, he is still in search of a family:


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